Provident Fund

Pooled funds under management of UOBAM

Pooled funds under management of UOB Asset Management(Thailand) Co., Ltd. are Master Pooled Fund under which the fund members are allowed to select investment plan that matches with their risk appetite and retirement goal, varied by age, investment horizon, investment knowledge, expected return or acceptable risk level.

UOBAM (Thailand) offers the following master pooled funds:

1. UOB Investor Choice Registered Provident Fund
2. UOB Master Fund Registered Provident Fund


1. UOB Investor Choice Registered Provident Fund

A master pooled fund with carefully constructed seven pre-defined allocations to three underlying mutual funds which represent each core asset class. Fund members are able to select one of the seven investment plans, or as per the condition that the fund committee set forth in the fund regulation. The fund won the 6th Provident Fund Award 2017 “Pooled Fund – fund size less than 10,000 Million Baht” from The Securities and Exchange Commission, Thailand (SEC)


Fixed Imcome

Thai Cash Management Fund for Provident Fund Money Market General


Thai Fixed Income Fund for Provident Fund Mid Term General Bond


Thai Equity Fund Equity Large Cap


Fixed Imcome

United Fixed Income Fund of Funds Global Bond Fully F/X hedged


United Sustainable Credit Income Fund Global Bond Fully F/X Hedge


United Global Balanced Fund – N Foreign Investment Allocation


United Equity Sustainable Global Fund Global Equity

UOB Investor Choice Registered Provident Fund

  • Domestic Money Market: TCMFPVD*
  • Domestic Fixed Income: TFIFPVD*
  • Domestic Equity: TEF*
  • Global Short-Term fixed income: UFFF-I*
  • Global Fixed Income: USI*
  • Global Equity: UESG*
  • Global Balanced Fund: UGBF-N*

Investment Policy of each underlying mutual fund
UGBF-N : feeder to JPMorgan Investment Funds – Global Balanced Fund class: JPM Global Balanced C (acc) - USD (hedged) at least 80% of NAV. The Master Fund objective is to create the regular income in long term.
UFFF-I : invest in foreign bond mutual funds and / or exchange-traded fund (ETF) and / or mutual funds under management of UOBAM
USI : feeder to RobecoSAM SDG Credit Income IH USD to maintain consistent income by investing in a variety of debt instruments under UN Sustainable Development GoalsSDGs
UESG: feeder to Robeco Sustainable Global Stars Equities IL EUR