Private Fund
Why Private Funds?
Private Fund investment is an investment platform on client’s behalf either individual or juristic investors which professionally managed by asset management company.
Investor can take part in the investment guidelines following to objectives and constraints to meet the needs and maximize the return under the acceptable risk level. The professional fund managers and standard investment management system deliver such customized solutions and services that the investment will be in the best interests of clients.
The tax benefit from investing in the private fund is based on the status of the customer as an individual investors or juristic persons according to the IRS’ determination.
Workflow of Private Fund
"There is a professional investment management service provided under the contract.
The investor has ownership in the assets or fund which remain in the investor's name."
Why UOBAM (Thailand) Private Fund?
Overview of UOBAM (Thailand) Private Fund
  • Provide a professional service both individual investors or juristic persons
  • Assets under management 55,894.76 million baht (Source : AIMC as of December 2023).
Type of assets invested through private fund
Private fund offers a diverse choice of investments. Clients can participate in setting policy and investment restrictions to invest in securities in both domestic and foreign e.g.
  • Equity
  • Bond
  • Commodities
  • Real estate and infrastructure funds
  • Instrument options
  • Other securities that have been approved by the SEC
Clients we serve
Currently UOBAM (Thailand) provides investment management for clients as following:
  • Life Insurance/ insurance
  • Non-profit organization
  • Listed / non-listed company in SET
  • High Net-Worth Customer
  • Financial institution
Start establish private fund with us
To get started, set up a private fund, we serve both individual investors or juristic persons.
The minimum amount to establish starting with an investment of 30 million baht.
Customers can choose the investment policy in domestic or foreign equity or fixed income securities or both. The fee of private fund depends on the size of the fund and the investment policy.
Getting Started - It's all about you
For more information
Please Contact UOBAM Private Funds
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