3 Easy steps to start invest with Portfolio Recommender from UOB Asset Management (Thailand) Co., Ltd

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Portfolio Recommender : Risk
Start to invest with UOBAM Portfolio recommender that suit to your risk appetite.
Portfolio Recommender : Goal
Start to invest with UOBAM Portfolio recommender that compatible with your investment goal.
1. "Portfolio Recommender" Investment simulation is only made and should be treated as investment guideline for your investment consideration. The investor must personally study and understand fund feature, return condition and risk factor before investing in order to achieve your investment objective and risk appetite.

2. If investors choose to invest in difference portion from recommended portfolio from Portfolio Recommender, investor may have risk in receiving higher or lower return than their expected return.

3. Investment in investment units is not bank deposits and is subject to certain risks. Therefore, investors may receive the amount of return either more or less than the money in which the investors initially invested. In case of extraordinary circumstances, the investors may not receive the sum of redemption within the specified period or may not be able to redeem the investment units according to his/her instruction and transactions may not occur due to technical error.

4. Investors should carefully study and comprehend information contained in the fund’s prospectus prior to making investment. In particular, the investors should pay attention to and have a clear understanding about the fund’s “INVESTMENT POLICY”, “INVESTIBLE ASSETS”, “INVESTMENT LIMIT”, “RISKS ASSOCIATING TO FUND’S INVESTMENT”, and “WARNINGS/RECOMMENDATIONS” for his/her/its own benefit, and shall keep such information for future reference. If additional information is needed, the investors may request a copy of the fund’s prospectus and/or make inquiries to the Management Company or www.uobam.co.th