Mutual Fund by Phone Service
Mutual Fund by Phone is the service for direct clients and appointed Independent Investment Planner of UOB Asset Management (Thailand) Co. Ltd., which offers investment advisory including subscription, redemption or switching through our licensed Investment consultant representatives via phone. This service is available during our business hours from Monday to Friday and unitholder can do transaction according to the period and condition which is specified in the fund prospectus.
How to do a transaction via Mutual Fund by Phone Service
  1. Unitholder who opened fund account directly with UOB Asset Management (Thailand) or with appointed Independent Investment Planner.
  2. Unitholder who already applied for Direct Debit Service and got an approval from the bank.
  3. Contact UOBAM Wealth Service 02-7862222 to do the transaction via MF by phone.
  • UOB Asset Management reserves the rights to record the voice log while the unitholder is using Mutual fund by phone service to confirm the transaction via this service.