United Smart Global Equity Fund for Provident Fund

NAV / Unit 10.9863
0.1095 1.0067% As of 29 Jul 2021 *Please Study FIF Calendar.
Fund size (Baht)
Inception Date
21 Jan 2021
Investment Policy
The fund focuses on investing in CIS funds, ETFs, which have the policy to invest in foreign equity instruments. The Fund can diversify investments in different regions around the world or at certain times may focus on specific countries, countries, regions, and/or business groups. The proportion of investment is at the discretion of the management company. According to investment conditions in each moment and/or the fund may invest in the investment units of other mutual funds under the management of the management company. (Destination fund) The Fund will invest in 2 or more investment units of the above mutual funds and the Fund will invest in any fund on average in the fiscal year not exceeding 79% of the Fund's NAV. The average CIS fund in the total fiscal year is not less than 80% of the net asset value of the fund, with a net exposure related to foreign risks in an accounting year not less than 80% of the net asset value of funds
Fund Type as Classified by AIMC Category Performance
Global Equity
Target Investor
1. Provident funds investors who want good returns from investing in foreign mutual funds. And able to accept a high level of investment risk, the return that the fund will receive is mainly from profit difference in the unit price. 2. Provident funds investors who can accept fluctuations in the price of equity invested by the fund. Which may have increased or decrease until below the investment value and cause loss. 3. Provident funds investors who can invest in the medium to long term. And expect better long-term returns than investing in general debt securities
Risk Level with Fund Type
Risk Level: 6
Fund Features
  • Fund Type - Equity Fund
    - Cross Investing Fund
    - Fund of Funds
    - Foreign investment fund
  • Fund subscription (Next Round) Every subscription date by 3.30 pm.
  • Fund redemption (Next Round) Every redemption date by 14.00 pm.
  • Dividend Policy No Dividend Payment
  • Minimum Subscription None
  • Minimum Redemption None
  • Settlement Period T + 5
    Within 5 business days since the day after the NAV. calculation date, Please study details in the prospectus.
Direct Fee to Unitholder (% of NAV)
  • Front-ended Fee None
  • Back-ended Fee None
  • Switching Fee None
Fund Fee (% of NAV)
  • Management Fee Not Exceed to 2.1400% p.a.
  • Trustee Fee Not Exceed to 0.08025%
  • Register Fee Not Exceed to 0.4280%
Getting started
Investing now prepares you for potential long-term growth, makes your money work harder and potentially allows you to achieve your financial goals faster.