United Harmony-Pop Fund

NAV / Unit 10.5779
-0.0391 -0.3683% As of 12 Oct 2021 *Please Study FIF Calendar.
Fund size (Baht)
Inception Date
30 Sep 2019
Investment Policy
The Fund will mainly invest in investment units of CIS Funds, Infra Funds, Property Funds, Private Equity Funds or ETFs (ETFs) (Funds) of 2 or more, with net exposure related to the average foreign risk in Fiscal year not less than 80%. However, the destination fund may have a policy to invest in or hold assets or one or many assets such as equity securities, bonds, infrastructure real estate alternative assets such as gold and / or crude oil And / or commodities And / or securities or other assets as specified by the SEC. In addition, destination funds may invest or hold debt instruments with lower credit ratings than can be invested (Non-investment grade), Unrated bonds and unlisted equity securities, depending on the investment policy of the destination fund. The fund will invest in the destination fund on average at least 80% of the fund's net asset value of the fund.
Fund Type as Classified by AIMC Category Performance
Mixed fund Cross Investing Fund Fund of Funds
Target Investor
1. Investors who are able to accept the volatility of the price of the instruments invested by the mutual fund which may increase or decrease until it is lower than the investment value and can cause losses. 2. People who can invest in medium to long-term (3 years or more) with the expected result. Long-term replacement that is better than investment in general debt securities. 3. Investors who seek for suitable returns. The fund has a management style with an aim to average return rates 6% per annum for an investment period of more than 3 years. Initially, the fund estimates to invest in high risk assets such as equity and alternative assets in a relatively moderate proportion (for example, on average, in an accounting year not more than 65% and 20% respectively of the NAV. The investment proportion can be adjusted according to appropriateness of market conditions.
Risk Level with Fund Type
Risk Level: 5
Fund Features
  • Fund Type Mixed fund
    Cross Investing Fund
    Fund of Funds
  • Fund subscription (Next Round) Every subscription date by 3.30 pm.
  • Fund redemption (Next Round) Every redemption date by 2.00 pm.
  • Dividend Policy No Dividend Payment
  • Minimum Subscription None
  • Minimum Redemption None
  • Settlement Period T + 5
    Within 5 business days since the day after the NAV. calculation date, Please study details in the prospectus.
Direct Fee to Unitholder (% of NAV)
  • Front-ended Fee Not Exceed to 2.0% (actual charged 1.0%)
  • Back-ended Fee Not Exceed to 2.0% (currently exempted)
  • Switching Fee Not Exceed to 2.0% (currently exempted)
    Not Exceed to 2.0% (currently exempted)
Fund Fee (% of NAV)
  • Management Fee Not Exceed to 2.14% p.a.
  • Trustee Fee Not Exceed to 0.08025%
  • Register Fee Not Exceed to 0.4280%
Getting started
Investing now prepares you for potential long-term growth, makes your money work harder and potentially allows you to achieve your financial goals faster.