UOB Smart Greater China Fund

NAV / Unit 13.3224
-0.3235 -2.3707% As of 12 Oct 2021 *Please Study FIF Calendar.
Fund size (Baht)
Inception Date
04 Dec 2007
Investment Policy
The fund will invest in “United Greater China Fund Class A SGD Acc” which primarily invest in United Greater China Fund Class A SGD Acc. the fund mainly invests in securities that have businesses in Hong Kong, China, and Taiwan. The main markets invested are the Hong Kong, Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Taiwan - Stock Exchanges. * Managed by UOB Asset Management (Singapore)
Fund Type as Classified by AIMC Category Performance
Greater China Equity
Target Investor
- Expect a reasonable return from equity investment in China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong - Want a diversification by investing abroad - Acceptable with high volatility of foreign equity investment - Want to invest long-term - Want investment liquidity
Risk Level with Fund Type
Risk Level: 6
Fund Features
  • Fund Type Feeder fund
  • Fund subscription (Next Round) Every subscription date*
    by 3.30 p.m.
  • Fund redemption (Next Round) Every redemption date*
    by 2.00 p.m
  • Dividend Policy No Dividend Payment
  • Minimum Subscription No minimum
  • Minimum Redemption 1 Baht / 1 Unit
  • Settlement Period T + 5
    *Date will be informed in advance
Direct Fee to Unitholder (% of NAV)
  • Front-ended Fee ≤ 3.0000%
  • Back-ended Fee ≤ 1.0000%
  • Switching Fee Switching - in Equal to Front-ended fee
    Switching - out Equal to Back-ended fee
Fund Fee (% of NAV)
  • Management Fee ≤ 1.6050% p.a.
  • Trustee Fee ≤ 0.0621% p.a
  • Register Fee ≤ 0.1284% p.a.
Getting started
Investing now prepares you for potential long-term growth, makes your money work harder and potentially allows you to achieve your financial goals faster.